Recoveo Software was born from the experience of Recoveo, the French data recovery leading company.
Responding to a growing need for development of IT service providers, Recoveo Software publishes specialized products: data recovery diagnostic and erasure software.

A range of solutions for all situations


Smart Disk Checker

Create professional and customizable diagnostic reports: SMART, reading tests, recommendations etc.

Data recovery

Puma Cloner

The revolutionary data recovery tool. More than a software, PumaCloner is a hardware tool that allows to work on failed devices.



Secure data erasure software, Youwipe meets data erasure certification standards to be RGPD compliant.


Recoveo Software has designed a catalog of certified training courses dedicated to IT professionals.

Our goal? To share our laboratory processes and skills to help you improving your sucess rates.

You will get the essential knowledge to diagnose every kind of failure (logical, physical, firmware) and handle the situation effectively.

Thanks to our unique and innovative training and software, you will increase your skills on HDDs / SSDs diagnostic and recovery.

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